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MEDIC MEGA LAB” it offers certain functions and services when visiting, using and carrying out any operation on our internet “site” info@medicmegalab.com, and the pages, subpages, windows and pop-ups displayed in the same that belong to said “site” of the internet, when using the applications of “MEDIC MEGA LAB”, for certain devices, or when using software made available by “MEDIC MEGA LAB”, which are offered or provided subject to the following terms and terms.

Any use, visit and / or your registration as a client made through the “site” of internet info@medicmegalab.com, You accept the following Terms and Conditions and expressly declare your acceptance using electronic means for this purpose, the above in accordance with the provisions of article 1803 of the Federal Civil Code and 93 of the Commercial Code; Therefore, please read and analyze carefully what is indicated in this document. In case of not accepting in absolute and complete form the present Terms and Conditions, the client must refrain from accessing, using and observing our “site”. In the event that the client accesses, uses and observes it, it will be considered as an absolute and express acceptance of the terms and conditions established in the following articles.

Article 1

This site, its content and software (including any application) can only be used as a means of information of goods and products offered to the customer, for personal consumption and a resource to make personal purchases with “MEDIC MEGA LAB”. Any other use including reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, display or execution of the content of the “site” is strictly prohibited.

Article 2

“MEDIC MEGA LAB”, with respect to its “site”, assumes no obligation to maintain any account enabled or updated of any client, and will be entitled at any time and without prior notice, to restrict, cancel or disable any service of the “site” , cancel and / or disable any account, delete, remove or edit the content of the “site”, at its sole discretion. “MEDIC MEGA LAB” reserves the right to correct any error or omission of any information on the “site” and undertakes that, in the event of any failure or technological failure of the “site”, it will be resolved shortly. The software, links and other resources on the “site” are offered by “MEDIC MEGA LAB” in the state in which they are located and without guaranteeing their quality, status, operation or compatibility with any device in which it is used or executed. ; Therefore, “MEDIC MEGA LAB” assumes no responsibility in relation to any damage and / or damage caused.

Article 3

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, “MEDIC MEGA LAB”, will not be liable, in any case, for direct, special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages that in any way derive or relate to the use or execution. of the “site” or the lack of availability of it, the involuntary alteration or modification, total or partial, of the information after having been included in the “site”, any other aspect or characteristic of the information contained or published in the “ site ”through the links that may be included in it and all the above assumptions will be in force, even in cases where“ MEDIC MEGA LAB ”has been notified or notified, about the possibility of such damage being caused.

Article 4

“MEDIC MEGA LAB” does not make medical or pharmaceutical recommendations, nothing on the “site” constitutes or will constitute a prescription, prescription, suggestion, instruction, medical, clinical, pharmaceutical or sanitary advice or advice addressed to any person. Any information of a medical, clinical, pharmaceutical or sanitary nature in the “site” is only for disclosure, for reference or for informational purposes for the general public. In this “site” there are no medical, nursing or any other specialty services that must be administered personally by an authorized professional. If any user suffers from any disease or symptom, or if they wish to determine their state of health or perform any physical activity, we recommend consulting their doctor. The client understands and agrees that “MEDIC MEGA LAB” will not be liable for any damage or loss suffered due to the purchase or use of any good and / or product and service displayed on the “site”.

Article 5

For the sale of medicines that require a prescription, at the time of purchase, the fields established on our “site” must be filled in with the data of the professional ID and the full name of the doctor.

Article 6

The customer who has freely decided to fill out and accept the form of visible registration on our “site” in order to generate an account, accept these “Terms and Conditions” as a client, as well as the Privacy Notice, which They can be consulted on our “website” of info@medicmegalab.com. The client undertakes and obliges the appropriate and responsible use of the “site”, of the goods and / or products and services acquired. Likewise, it will be responsible for all data and information transmitted to “MEDIC MEGA LAB”, being correct and truthful. The client, upon registering and creating his account, may receive news and advertising information, thereby confirming and agreeing to leave without effect or clarifies not being registered in the register referred to in article 18 and 18 bis of the Federal Consumer Protection Law. Otherwise, you must inform “MEDIC MEGA LAB”, through an email to the address info@medicmegalab.com.

Article 7

“MEDIC MEGA LAB”, tries to be as accurate as possible in the description of all goods and / or products and services displayed on the “site”. However, the above, “MEDIC MEGA LAB”, does not guarantee that the description of any good and / or product is accurate, complete, detailed, current or error free. If a good and / or product displayed on the site does not comply with the description indicated therein at the time of delivery to the customer, the latter may refuse to accept it and “MEDIC MEGA LAB” will be obliged not to receive the corresponding payment; or in case you have received it through a bank debit or credit card, you will make the refund by deposit on the corresponding card, within two business days following the date of the client’s refusal to receive the good and / or product. In any case the final description of the good and / or product object of any purchase offer will be the one included in the corresponding order confirmation. The customer will be responsible for verifying that the good and / or product complies with the description indicated in the purchase order and in the corresponding order confirmation at the time of delivery. The images are merely illustrative, and product features may vary without notice.

Article 8

In terms of article 42 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law, the price that appears for each of the goods and / or products displayed on the “site” represents the approved retail price in terms of applicable legislation and / or suggested by the corresponding manufacturer or supplier, as applicable, including, where applicable, the taxes associated with the sale. On our site we can offer other promotions associated with the purchase of goods and / or products. The customer will have the right to mention such promotions that are applicable in their purchase orders, and “MEDIC MEGA LAB”, will make its best effort to identify and communicate to the customer, any promotion applicable to any purchase order and to include it in the order confirmation correspondent. “MEDIC MEGA LAB”, will be obliged to respect the promotions in force on the “site”. Notwithstanding the foregoing and despite our best efforts, for reasons attributable to our suppliers of goods and / or products, to our logistics service providers due to technical difficulties in updating our advertising on the “site” and the time that naturally You can consume the review and update activity in our price system, or inventory errors, some of the goods and / or products displayed on the “site” could appear with an incorrect or outdated price.

Article 9

“MEDIC MEGA LAB”, through messages displayed on the “site” and addressed to the customer, email or telephone, in its sole discretion, will notify the customer of the receipt of a purchase order and request the customer confirmation of the terms of the same, of the identity of the client, the description of the goods and / or products, the price of the goods and / or products, the place and time of delivery, the acceptable forms of payment “MEDIC MEGA LAB”, the existence or nonexistence of the good and / or product for delivery at the place of delivery, the telephone numbers and other means to which the client can go to “MEDIC MEGA LAB”, for any clarification regarding the good and / or product, and any other information that “MEDIC MEGA LAB”, consider pertinent. The Order Confirmation will constitute the acceptance of the customer’s purchase order, either by email, by phone or when confirming on the “site”, to authorize “MEDIC MEGA LAB”, to carry out the charge of the price corresponding to a bank credit or debit card.

Article 10

All purchases will be paid in cash at the time of delivery or, through a charge to the credit or debit card authorized by the customer to “MEDIC MEGA LAB”, by phone or by any other means indicated on the “site ”Or in the order confirmation and that is consistent with the contracts concluded by“ MEDIC MEGA LAB ”with the corresponding card providers or the payment system service providers chosen by the customer and accepted by“ MEDIC MEGA LAB ”. In the event that the client chooses to carry out the payment of any good and / or product with a bank card, he declares that he has the right to carry out said charge on the corresponding card and irrevocably undertakes to sign and deliver to “MEDIC MEGA LAB ”, the proof of the corresponding charge.

Article 11

The customer may obtain an invoice in relation to any purchase made with “MEDIC MEGA LAB”, in terms of the applicable tax legislation in force, by including the data of the corresponding receipt or purchase ticket on the “site”. Electronic invoicing may only be made within six months of purchase.

Article 12

The client acknowledges that “MEDIC MEGA LAB” does not assume any obligation or responsibility that is not specifically established in these “Terms and Conditions”. The client in this act is obliged to indemnify “MEDIC MEGA LAB”, its employees, officials, advisors, commission agents, for any damage, loss, loss or impairment they suffer due to breach of their obligations under these “Terms and Conditions ”(including without limitation any expenses or judicial fee, as well as lawyers incurred by“ MEDIC MEGA LAB ”), obliging them to remove said persons in peace and safe from all and any procedure, trial, investigation, investigation and / or processes that continue against him in relation to the above.

Article 13

The client states that he accepts what is established in these “Terms and Conditions”, as well as the Privacy Notices described above, as the case may be. The client acknowledges, accepts and consents that “MEDIC MEGA LAB” obtains, processes and retains his personal data and may voluntarily transmit them from time to time and that the processing of said information is in terms of the Privacy Notices indicated above and by the Mexican legislation in force. The client to exercise their ARCO rights, should consult the Privacy Notices described above, and use the request form in the aforementioned league, directing it to “MEDIC MEGA LAB”, to the “site” info@medicmegalab.com.

Article 15

“MEDIC MEGA LAB”, through the “site” may cancel your account or restrict your access if any misuse of the “site” and the services offered therein are detected, understood as improper use in an enunciative manner, but not limiting, the following assumptions:

Use the “site” to resell products and / or any other commercial use or the contents thereof.

The use of automated mechanisms or tools or similar technology whose purpose is to extract, obtain or collect, directly or indirectly, any information contained in the “site”.

Any attempt to modify, adapt, translate, or convert the formats or computer programs of the “site” or its contents.

Collect and use product descriptions.

Copy, imitate, replicate for use on mirror servers, reproduce, distribute, publish, download, display or transmit any content of the “site” (including trademarks) in any form or by any means, this restriction includes, but is not limited to to electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or any other media.

Access data not intended for the client or log in to a server or account in which the client is not authorized access.

Try to interfere with the service to any client, network, virus delivery to the “site”, overload, flood, spam, mail bombardment or failures.

Send unsolicited mail, including promotions and / or advertising of products or services.

Attempting or carrying out fraudulent activities among which are, without limitation, the falsification of identities or forms of payment.

Article 16

In the terms indicated by the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties and its development regulations (hereinafter the “LFPDPPP”); The client expressly acknowledges and accepts that any personal data communicated by reason of access to the “site” will be protected and treated in accordance with the provisions of the LFPDPPP and in accordance with the instructions issued by our Privacy Notice that can be consulted in the ” site ”from internet info@medicmegalab.com.

Article 17

These “Terms and Conditions” will be governed by the applicable legislation in force in the United Mexican States. The operations of sale that are celebrated between “MEDIC MEGA LAB”, and the client will be subject to the Federal Consumer Protection Law, the General Health Law, its regulation, the Health Supplies Regulation and other applicable regulations. The client in this act accepts that any controversy in relation to the present “Terms and Conditions” will be resolved before the authorities and the courts based in the State of California, USA, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond by reason of your present or future address.




Consent Article 1803.- The consent can be express or tacit, for this it will be as follows: I.- It will be express when the will is expressed verbally, in writing, by electronic, optical means or by any other technology, or by unequivocal signs, and II.- The tacit will result from acts or acts that presuppose it or that authorize it to presume it, except in cases where by law or by agreement the will must expressly express itself.

COMMERCE CODE OF CHAMBER OF DEPUTIES OF THE H. CONGRESS OF THE UNION General Secretariat Secretariat of Parliamentary Services
Article 93.- When the law requires the written form for acts, agreements or contracts, this assumption shall be deemed fulfilled in the case of a Data Message, provided that the information contained therein is kept intact and is accessible for further consultation, without import the format in which it is found or represented. When additionally the law requires the signature of the parties, said requirement shall be deemed fulfilled in the case of a Data Message, provided that it is attributable to said parties. In cases where the law establishes as a requirement that a legal act must be granted in instrument before a notary public, the latter and the obligated parties may, through Data Messages, express the exact terms in which the parties have decided to bind themselves, in whose If the notary public must state in the instrument itself the elements through which said messages are attributed to the parties and keep a full version of them under their safeguard for further consultation, granting said instrument in accordance with the applicable legislation that governs it.


ARTICLE 18.- The Office of the Attorney General may, where appropriate, keep a public registry of consumers who do not wish their information to be used for marketing or advertising purposes. Consumers may communicate in writing or by email to the Attorney General their request to register in said registry, which will be free.

ARTICLE 18 BIS.- It is prohibited to suppliers and companies that use information about consumers for marketing or advertising purposes and their customers, use the information related to consumers for purposes other than marketing or advertising, as well as send advertising to consumers that expressly they have expressed their willingness not to receive it or that they are registered in the register referred to in the previous article. The suppliers that are the object of advertising are co-responsible for the handling of consumer information when such advertising is sent through third parties.

ARTICLE 42.- The supplier is obliged to deliver the good or provide the service in accordance with the terms and conditions offered or implied in the publicity or information displayed, unless otherwise agreed or written consent of the consumer.

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