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Ansomone (recombinant human somatotropin) is a hormone identical to natural human growth hormone, with a similar amino acid sequence (191 amino acids) and a three-dimensional structure.



Ansomone (recombinant human somatotropin) is a hormone identical to natural human growth hormone, with a similar amino acid sequence (191 amino acids) and a three-dimensional structure.

When Buy Ansomone hgh is presented in bottles. It is apparently a freeze-dried white powder.

Ankebio Ansomone buy is a well-known recombinant human growth hormone of high quality. The biological activity and degree of purification of this growth hormone are very high and correspond to the standards of the European, Chinese and American pharmacopoeia.

Buy Ansomone hgh uk is a sterile lyophilized form of recombinant human growth hormone (HGH) consisting of 191 amino acid residues, obtained by a biological composition from E. coli bacteria. GH coincides with natural growth hormone depending on the amino acid sequence and the three-dimensional composition.


This product has an effect similar to endogenous human growth hormone.
1. Stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of epiphysis chondrocytes, the growth of the cartilaginous matrix of cells, and promotes the proliferation and differentiation of osteoblasts; therefore, accelerating the growth rate of the epiphysis.
2. Ansomone contributes to protein synthesis throughout the body, restoring the nitrogen balance caused by wounds and surgical procedures.
3. Ansomone treats hypoproteinemia caused by severe infection or cirrhosis of the liver;
4. Ansomone stimulates the synthesis of immunoglobulins and the spread of macrophages and lymphocytes, thus increasing the ability to resist infections of any kind;
5. Ansomone stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts and macrophages in burn sites and surgical procedures, accelerating the healing of wounds;
6. Ansomone promotes the formation of cardiomyocytes, which improves cardiac contractility and reduces the oxygen consumption of the heart;
7. Ansomone participates in the regulation of fat metabolism, lowering of serum cholesterol and LDL;
8. This hormone replenishes growth hormone deficiency in the body, regulates the metabolism of fats and minerals in adults, the work of the heart and kidneys.

Pharmacokinetics of Ansomone

The pharmacological effect is obtained by subcutaneous or intramuscular injection. Although subcutaneous administration leads to a higher plasma concentration of growth hormone, intramuscular injection also gives the same level of insulin-like growth factor (IGF). Growth hormone uptake (HGH) occurs gradually and the peak concentration occurs 3 to 5 hours after injection. STH is excreted by the liver and kidneys, the half-life is about 2-3 hours. The unchanged hormone level in the urine is almost impossible to quantify. The hormone in the blood circulates as a complex with transport proteins, which increases the half-life of the HRT.


The main use of Ankebio Ansomone is indicated when there is a cessation of growth of children due to endogenous growth hormone deficiency. In some cases, the drug is used for other purposes such as: burning fat; increase in muscle tissue revive the atmosphere and increase creative and physical abilities; improvement of brain function and immune system; lipid profile improvement; acceleration of healing; enhancement of libido; increase in bone density.

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